Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI)

Our practice employs this therapy daily usually combined with ozone. This is not a new form of treatment. Harvard professor Dr. Michael Hamblin has published over 350 peer-reviewed articles in the past 25 years. In these publications, he discusses current methods used to treat infections, as an immune modality therapy and as a method for normalizing blood parameters.

Physicians have successfully treated serious infections dating back to the 1920’s. In 1942, Dr. George Miley, Clinical Professor of Medicine reported success with 103 consecutive cases of acute pyogenic infections. Results were 100% cure of early infection, 46 out of 47 for moderately advanced and 17 out of 36 of those who were near death.


In the 1950’s, the age of antibiotics and vaccines began and UBI all but vanished from medical use. Currently there are only about 300 practitioners in the United States, 3000 in Europe and thousands throughout the world. Over one million UBI treatments have been successfully provided with minimal side effects and often dramatic results.

Like ozone therapy, UBI is non-specific. It works with the body’s immune and circulatory systems to help them function properly. There are nearly 30 documented changes in blood parameters, clotting changes, metabolic and hemodynamic changes, and improvement in immune defenses. Treatments have been effective for over 60 different diseases including viral infection, bacterial infection and autoimmune diseases. These can be reviewed in a booklet supplied in our office by Tom Lowe. “Today’s Medicine and the Power of Light”. A companion booklet also available is “An Introduction to Medical Ozone” by Micah Lowe.


It is important to understand that UBI and ozone are commonly used together and have a powerful synergistic effect. Again, a physician skilled in both modalities knows when and how to combine them.


HiDose Ozone with UBI:  This therapy allows us to give over 20 times more ozone and twice the amount of UBI in one 50 minute treatment.  However, this therapy does require very good veins.