Benefits of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen – Empower Your Body’s Healing Potential – Discover the Restorative Therapy!


Mild Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (M-HBOT) involves administering oxygen in a pressurized setting, above 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA). By increasing pressure, oxygen dissolves and saturates the blood plasma, leading to various positive physiological, biochemical, and cellular effects.


This non-invasive treatment effectively raises oxygen levels in all organs of the body and typically lasts for 60-90 minutes, during which the patient lies or sits down and breathes normally.


Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of M-HBOT to improve the body’s natural healing and regenerative capacities. It is employed as an additional therapy to support and enhance the healing process for both chronic and acute conditions.


The Hyperbaric Chamber is non-invasive and safe and can be controlled from the outside and the inside of the chamber, giving the user a sense of safety and control.


This state-of-the-art facility boasts an air-conditioned environment with acoustic light wave technology, ensuring optimal comfort during your visit. With a compact footprint measuring just 7x7x6, our space-efficient design allows for a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Our mild Hyperbaric is a wellness chamber and is not a medical device. It should not be used as a substitute to diagnose or treat any medical conditions.